Five Tips for Starting Your Own Limited Company

Five Tips for Starting Your Own Limited Company

There are many reasons to start your own business as a limited company including giving your business a professional image and protecting your business name by law. Below we list five tips for starting your own limited company.

1. Careful planning

If you are starting your company from scratch, then to give yourself the best chance of success you will need to create a business plan and strategy. You should consider everything from the budget to the number of staff you will need, it is also worth considering hiring an accountant, marketing agency and web developer.

2. Market research

Once you have settled on an idea, perhaps something you are passionate about you will need to do some market research, doing this will give you an idea if your business offering is in demand or if you are going to experience competition.

3. Identify your customer base

Next, you need to identify who your ideal customer is, without knowing this you don’t really have a business at all. Your market research will help with this aspect, but you should also consider your customer demographics including where they live, gender, age and potential household income.

4. Business budget

Any new business is going to need capital to get going and this should form the core of your business plan. How much do you have to spend in setting up your business as a limited company?

You will need to factor in marketing and advertising, and given today’s digital climate, an online presence via a website – all of which will cost money to produce.

Speaking to a business consultant is a great way to get professional advice from people with industry experience and as mentioned hiring a business accountant will help in budgeting your finances.

5. Be patient

Any new business will take time to get going so don’t expect results to happen overnight. With careful planning and dedication, anything is achievable.

You need to surround yourself with the right people and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Nobody wants to fail so it’s important to create a set of strategic goals that you can aim for.

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