Why The Stan Lee?

The Stan Lee is your forward-thinking professional business partners based in Canary Wharf, London for your accountancy and business support needs. The firm was started its venture by M Solaiman, who has a strong accountancy background coupled with solid qualifications and experience. Reasons to consider us as your business partners;  

  • PRC team: The team members of The Stan Lee are professional, reliable and competent (PRC) for your accountancy and business support requirements and are qualified from ACCA and other bodies with relevant work experience. Please remember that our team is enthusiastic, friendly and flexible to assist you at any time.
  • Flexibility & timelines: You are not restricted to our usual working hours. Therefore, we can adapt to a more convenient time for yourself. However, you need to have an appointment to have any service outside of usual working hours.   
  • A wide range of services offered for different sectors: We offer a wide range of dedicated services from accountancy to taxation, book-keeping, payroll, advice, secretarial services and other business support services to fulfil your requirements. We work for different sectors including IT, catering, hospitality, real estate, automotive, professional sectors and much more.
  • Software use: We utilise the most common accounting software including IRIS, Sage and Xero. Accountancy and taxation in the UK is now mostly digitalised.
  • Our location: We are located within the heart of London’s Canary Wharf financial district, which is also a world financial hub and allows us to offer our dedicated services across the country. Although, we also offer cloud accounting and may cater for your needs without any face-to-face meetings if required and possible.
  • Tailored solutions: Your specialist team at The Stan Lee is pleased to provide practical advice and bespoke solutions addressing your business and individual needs.
  • Free initial consultation: Our initial consultation is completely free of charges without any obligations. 
  • Competitive fees: If you feel we are perfect and suited as your business partners after your free initial consultation, you are welcome to sign up for dedicated services at reasonable and competitive cost.       
  • Online client portal: As the UK accountancy and taxation sectors are mostly digitalised at present, we pride to offer the online portal facility for our clients. So that they have access to their documents virtually at their convenience time.