ATOL Reporting Accountant

“You need to have ATOL Reporting Accountant for your ATOL licence business”

ATOL is a financial protection scheme in the interests of travellers. You may sell holiday flights and packages to your customers, which are subject to the regulations of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). You need to have designated ATOL Reporting Accountant who can deal with your ATOL works. We are ACCA registered ATOL Reporting Accountant and Muhammad Solaiman deals with this.

We offer for the ATOL …………

  • Submission of ATOL Annual Accountants Report Part 2
  • Guidance on Financial Criteria according to the regulations and may assist on financial assessment upon request
  • Assist on becoming ATOL licence business
  • Other relevant services suited to your travel business.

To find out more about The Stan Lee and your ATOL works, please contact us.