Business Advisory

“Have planning advice in advance for your business is vital to succeed”

When you are going to start a new business or develop your existing business, you need to have good professional advice at your planning stage to be successful. At “The Stan Lee”, we offer free initial consultation without any obligations.     

Our advice on start-up business covers…………..

  • Explaining how to start a business; whether as a sole trader, under a limited company or something else.  
  • Informing individuals how the self-employment or partnership business works
  • Guidance to new director(s) regarding their duties and responsibilities
  • Discussing about whether the business idea is suitable, feasible and compliant (SFA)
  • Providing advice on legal requirements for the new business
  • Helping for opening the new business bank accounts
  • Consulting for producing solid business plans and more

Our advice on business development covers…………

  • Assisting in new business opportunities 
  • Consulting on useful marketing tools and web support
  • Creating network, providing general support and possible training for the business development
  • Supporting to raise bank loans, get grants and other funding
  • Helping for leases and business rates
  • Advice of tax issues in developing the business
  • Recommendations for the ways of managing business finance
  • Advice on the business health along with assessment  
  • Providing plans for the business development strategy and so on

Our experienced and specialist advisors provide their best support to assist in your new business and business development needs

Why not contact us today to know more about The Stan Lee and have your free initial advice.