Capital Gains Tax

“You need to declare in regard to any disposal of your assets whether you make money or not”

There are several common assets including property, shares, bonds, precious metals and so on that may be subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) when you dispose of them either in the form of sale, gift, exchange or transfer. You may be unfamiliar or face difficulties with such tax legislation. Nothing to worry about, as we have experts at The Stan Lee for Capital Gains Tax matters.

At “The Stan Lee”, our tailored services related to capital gains tax includes………………… 

  • Registration for self-assessment to show capital gains
  • Computation of capital gains whether your dispose of your home, business property, shares, bonds and so on
  • Consulting on which assets are exempt from Capital Gains Tax
  • Capital gains return preparation and submission
  • HMRC investigation for your Capital Gains Tax affair
  • Advice on capital gains tax payment
  • Non-UK residents and Capital Gains Tax 
  • Finding the relevant opportunities to save your tax including available tax reliefs
  • Trust Capital Gains Tax
  • Advice on company reorganisations and exit planning 

We have qualified, experienced and specialist colleagues for the Capital Gains Tax. Please remember that failure to declare the dispose of assets may create more complications. Our advice is to keep all records including buying, selling, enhancement and others for your capital gains declaration.    

For more details about The Stan Lee and our capital gains tax services, please call us today