Our Promises and Values


We are a firm of trusted accountants and advisors that deliver premium services to you. We know that you not only concerned about cost’s, but you may also consider the reputation, standards, promises, ethics and values of your partners in accountancy and business.

Our promises

  • Providing completely free initial consultation without any obligations
  • Respond to your calls and queries as quickly as possible
  • Offer cloud accounting and phone support services as we understand limitations of face-to-face conversation due to busy schedules
  • Meeting deadlines and keeping you up-to-date with relevant information
  • Our fees are competitive and reflect the value of the work that we carry out

Note we do require to receive all documents and information on time and we are required to keep your contact details up-to-date and we would like our agreed fees paid in timely fashion so we can continue to be committed in order to prop up our promises to you.

Our values

  • Commitment and dedication to your success
  • Approaches of our works as partners and caring our people
  • A profit-oriented entrepreneurial spirit that reflects your approach into the business 
  • Teamwork approach as we believe that working together works best for both
  • Honest and integrity in particular with services for dealing with HMRC and other relevant bodies
  • Jargon-free reporting along with simplicity and clear communication
  • Continuous improvement as the world does not stand still  
For further information about The Stan Lee and the services we offer to our clients, please contact us.