Inheritance Tax

“Inheritance tax may be applicable on the estate of someone who’s died”

Inheritance Tax (IHT) occurs very rare in our life and this is subject to tax when someone has died. However, it is often said that IHT is a ‘voluntary tax’ and The Stan Lee is here to help that your beneficiaries do not make voluntary payments. 

At “The Stan Lee”, our tailored service related to Inheritance Tax includes………………… 

  • Inheritance Tax and Probate form
  • Assisting in the valuation of the estate
  • Advice on IHT payment
  • IHT for non-domiciles 
  • Finding the opportunities for relief and exemptions on your IHT
  • Advice on preparation of or amendments to your will
  • Producing wills, trusts and record keeping as part of your IHT from our associated legal advisor(s)

We would welcome the opportunity to assist in arranging a review of the IHT affairs on the estate at death by the latest mitigation strategies. Our experts are happy to discuss and finding the ways to reduce this tax liability whether this is quite straightforward or needs more extensive planning. Please note that we may use outsourcing for your IHT planning where it may be required.

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