The Stan Lee at a Glance

The Stan Lee is the trading name of Stan Lee Accountancy Ltd, a UK accountancy firm registered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Our journey started when Mr M Solaiman FCCA decided to use his outstanding professional and academic qualifications, and many years’ experience in high level accountancy, to create a practice that provides accountancy, taxation, and business support services specifically tailored to the needs of hard working individuals and SMEs.

Why The Stan Lee? Mr. Solaiman finally decided on the Stan Lee name based on extensive research and after consultation with his wife. “Stan” is an old English name meaning stone or crystal and “Lee” refers to a clearing or safe place. The practice aims to safeguard clients’ businesses by providing solid, secure and crystal clear advice.

Our vision is to be the most respected and trusted accounting firm in the region, built on strong working relationships with reliable business partners.

Our mission is to work beyond the numbers and offer more than just accountancy services.

Our objective is to deliver unique and cutting-edge comprehensive professional services. Using the latest digital innovations we aspire to exceed clients’ expectations of this emerging accountancy industry. To accomplish this, we have set out four dedicated principles that derive from the name STAN:

  • Shield: safeguarding clients’ businesses by giving crystal clear advice that inspires highest level of client confidence in our practice
  • Technology: offering the highest possible level of professional and technologically advanced services, keeping up with the latest digital initiatives in the industry.
  • Accountability: always acting with accountability and transparency by adhering to legal, industry and ACCA standards.
  • Numbers: working beyond the numbers to provide a service that creates financial synergy.
  • To grow your business, receive solid, crystal clear advice and save money legitimately, please get in touch with our team. Our initial consultation is completely free of charge without any obligation.