Your business guide to cloud accounting

Want to run digital accounts but don’t know where to start? Our guide to cloud accounting explains all the main benefits of running your finances in the cloud.

Cloud accounting is the simple, online way to manage your business finances.

Instead of working from a local accounting application that’s installed on your computer, cloud accounting software lets you log in from your usual web browser, on your laptop or mobile device. It’s fast, efficient and safely backs up all your financial accounts and data in the cloud.

Cloud accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks and Sage transform the way you work on your numbers (and brings some real digital efficiency to your finances).

You have one online hub for all your financial management, with cloud-based tools for the main bookkeeping, accounting and reporting tasks. Plus your accountant, advisers and finance director can all access your accounts online, making it far easier to collaborate.

How does cloud accounting affect your business?

Switching to cloud accounting is essential if you want to run a successful Most popular accounting platforms are designed to be the centre of your whole business system, with accounting, performance tracking, reporting and other app integrations a big part of the mix.

With a cloud accounting platform at the heart of your business, you can:

  • Easily automate your bookkeeping, record-keeping and bank reconciliation processes
  • Send out electronic invoices to your customers, and get paid faster
  • Track your operational spending and employee expenses
  • Run detailed financial reports and track your key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Access your important financial information anytime, anywhere
  • Integrate with hundreds of other business tools and apps
  • Bring your tax returns into the digital age, ready for Making Tax Digital

How can our firm help you with cloud accounting?

If switching to the cloud sounds like the right move for your business, we’d love to lend a hand.

We’ll help you review the current marketplace for cloud accounting software, decide on the best platform for your business and port your finance data over to the new software. We can also highlight all the most useful app integrations to include in your tech stack.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of cloud accounting, we’ll be happy to explain.

Get in touch to chat and let’s find out how we can help you from here at The Stan Lee for your cloud accounting needs.